Something Annoying

I am used to seeing people who are eager to show me how rich and famous they are. It is quite annoying, because I really do not care how famous they are, because what is the point of it all if you are not touching the lives of others in a positive way? Before I continue, I want to tell you something that really touches me. I was reading the Rich Dad Education Blog and learned something new. A tree can lose its leaves in the winter, bloom in the spring, and produce amazing fruit in the summer. This shows how the tree has been productive all year; when I choose to produce habits on fertile soil, I choose to make the use of my time. After all, look at the nature that God has created. The trees have different seasons of operating, with winter, summer, spring, and fall, something that Tai Lopez has touched on. After all, not everything in life needs to be something where people show off their cars or are living in the harvest time of life! It is actually quite beautiful to know how to grind in the winter, grind in spring, grind in fall, and reap benefits in summertime! There is something satisfying about earning it.




The Famous Rich Dad
The Deservedly Famous Rich Dad
The Awesome Tai Lopez
The Awesome Tai Lopez

This blog post is actually quite amazing. I will attempt to recap some of the important topics that I learned from this blog post.

  • First, having unproductive qualities and tendencies will reduce my potential, no matter how much I try to make them work. Think about it like this; one of my flaws that I used to have was drinking excessive quantities of soda and also eating fast food. I ate them, knowing they were not good for me, because I would be able to feel good. However, I realized that this was not the way to go. These activities I was doing were actually dead branches on my tree of life. Think of it; I am a tree and have so many branches on me. Even the largest tree or smallest tree has so many branches on it that can actually be counted. Now, if one of those branches is dead, is that branch able to produce fruit? No. We all know this and choose to live our lives with dead branches like watching excess television. This brings me to the next step, because the next step of this is the solution to this dead branch problem…
  • Pruning: This removes the dead branch from my life. Some may be scared, because they feel as though they are losing potential fruit. This is not a problem, because if something is pruned, the area can grow back and be used to grow a branch that will fruit and actually give results. This is something that you should want. Now, be aware that when you decide to change yourself into a better person, people will notice, and you will set a better standard for yourself. This is something that you should want. Do you want to keep smoking, or do you want to be someone that people do not associate with smoking?

Another fantastic thing I learned from this is that sometimes fruits can look ripe and juicy and can actually taste bad. It is a failure if your fruit produce nasty, unhealthy fruit even if they look great. Why? It is still toxic for life. This alludes to people like me who used to look like I had a perfect life and was silently crying. Now, many people think I am being sensitive. This is something I actually felt, and I do not care if it makes me look soft. Even a man cries when his grandmother dies, so for me to live my life as a small person is not something that makes me smile, which is why I squared up with myself and changed myself for the better. Trust me. I feel much, much better.