Desire & Follow-Through

God has been an amazing player in my life. Personally, I think about all the good things He has done for me and continues to do for me. I like listening to Think & Grow Rich: A Black Choice, because it shows how race

A Black Man Made These: Famous Amos
A Black Man Made These: Famous Amos

does not apply to success for any person in any place. Women and Blacks have been seen as people given a problem in the world, possibly because of the weaker nature of women or Blacks who were seen as inferior. We do not believe in these negatives, and we truly want to make sure that we can offer amazing service.

When we notice problems from people, we always think of people like Amoswho made Famous Amos, or the person who makes Ebony Magazine, and these are the people who have changed the world. Think about it. Other people have had worse situations, troubling areas, and they truly choose to make sure they advance and make it through life. If you are traumatized by the cards life has dealt you, then by all means, change your set! We know what it takes to become a great person, and there are many hits that need to be taken. Look at this fact.


I am Chukwuemeka Mbagwu, and I am a Afrikan, and I am unashamed for it. There is nothing to sad about in terms of my race, because I am extremely proud. At 21 years old, I have grown in the fields that I choose to put my energy to. I am able to talk to people with confidence, because I truly spent time praying to God and have ultimately sent my thoughts and efforts to grow. The last thing I want to do is waste my time doing unimportant thing. The ability for me to learn from my mistakes and grow my company have been great opportunity!

As I have grown, I have attained more skills and more responsibilities, such as this: “The more I have been given by God, the more I am responsible to use those gifts to expound the glory of God.” I truly imagine myself to spread the glory of God. Therefore, I spend my energy to things that mean something to me, so I will continue learning and will spend my efforts in things that truly will help the world.

West Side England