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Why Chase a Paycheck?
Why Chase a Paycheck?

Lately, I have actually been studying for my exams, because I am in class, just like some of you. I actually saw one of my friends get a major in computer engineering, and I thought about what he was honestly going to do with that degree. He could easily work for Google, Yahoo, Bing, or be an employee for some giant company like Intel. Honestly, I started thinking if it was really what college is for. College is meant to create people who will advance society, which usually is to work for those who are really moving the world. For example, if someone gets a very hard degree in biochemical engineering, just be sure that you know that you will go for some $120,000 job at some oil company, because you make “oh, so much money”. Why not be the person who makes money with the oil company itself? Why not own the oil company itself, because while they are making money with opportunity after opportunity with oil, you are constantly working for some small paycheck.

Just like Robert Kiyosaki says in his board game, Cashflow, there are so many opportunities available in the world, with many, many people choosing to have laser vision on that big paycheck, only to live their lives making smaller money that their dreams can envision. Do not think lightly; after all, it is definitely harder to make money in cash flow; however, it is easier in the long term by living my life by chasing the next paycheck, just so I can brag to others that I make so much money. Honestly, that is not cool.

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